Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Links: WiFi Paranoia, Positive Pessimism, and Ebert's Social Catholicism

Tinfoil hats, long life and prosperity, and cardinal contemplations feature on this Monday's links.

Wi-Fi signals are harmless to the human body, so far as we know. But they can make you ill—if you think they can make you ill. The whole story is on Neuroskeptic's blog at Discover Magazine.

A National Post article features research indicating that pessimism is good for your long-term health. That is to say, pessimism of a sort. Having lower expectations of your future wellbeing prepares you for the bad and leaves you happier when things go better than you expected. For the elderly, this means less stress, better health and longer life. On the other hand, obsessive catastrophizing still does nobody any good.

Earlier in the month, Roger Ebert posted this essay in the wake of Pope Benedict's retirement. It's a thoughtful examination of the development of one man's beliefs. I encourage everyone to read Roger Ebert's blog. I do not always agree with the man, but he expresses himself with clarity, consideration and poise. I respect that quality in anyone. Many of us could emulate Mr. Ebert more in that respect.

Enjoy the reads, and stay tuned for new posts on Wednesday and Friday!

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