Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Links: Mannequins, Higgs, Meteors and Martian Water

A clothing store in Sweden now features mannequins which represent the curvier (and more common) spectrum of the female figure. The reception of their decision is overwhelmingly positive. While I must comment on how the picture in the article appears to obscure the largest of the three mannequins in its photograph, I do believe this news, in itself, is a positive development. Representing the full range of human form can only be a good thing. However, I doubt the underlying issue of idealizing the female figure will vanish until we stop giving a damn about whether a woman is attractive or not.

On the science front, researchers have confirmed that the particle discovered last July 4th is indeed the Higgs boson, or a version thereof. Since it is cagey and rare beast, many more experiments are necessary to determine which theoretical conception of the Higgs this particle matches, if any. However, the article notes that the mass of this Higgs—about 126 times the mass of the proton—is enough to indicate instability in our universe on the billions-of-years scale. They do not specify whether or not this means the Big Crunch is in vogue again.

A post on Magpie and Whiskeyjack features the art of meteorites throughout the ages. It is a lovely record of our fascination with the heavens and their behavior.

Finally, Curiosity's examination of rocks on Mars leaves scientists optimistic that its ancient environment was friendly to life, and thus may have been home to some life forms. Apparently, the evidence indicates that any water that would have existed on Mars billions of years ago would have been potable. Of course, fans of Doctor Who know this to be a trap.

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  1. i'm a fan of Doctor Who. haha!.... look out the ugly tan mannequins.... here's a weird thing, why put "man" in there?? not all of them are men... also... that episode where they all come to life is just as weird as the statue angels..