Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Links: WiFi to Replace Cables, Global Warming Denialism, and the Longest Sunset

The Economist predicts that 60-GHz range WiFi will quickly replace cables for transferring large amounts of data between home electronics. The obvious objection to using WiFi to connect your computer to monitors, keyboards, phones and printers is that others can eavesdrop on those signals and hack into them. Oddly enough, engineers have a solution for that. While the article in The Economist lacks specifics, I’m curious to see if its predictions pan out.

On Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait discusses global warming denialism and disinformation in politics and the media. His recent post delves into the origins of the term “climate change” as a politically correct euphemism, which ironically happens to describe the effects of global warming pretty accurately. Another post from last week highlights a video lambasting Republicans’ refusal to acknowledge the facts of the matter, as well as a link to a study confirming the accuracy of the “hockey-stick” graph.

And on a more serene note, this week’s “What if?” on xkcd tries to figure out how long the longest sunset on Earth can be.

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